My Last Paper/Running 12 miles

Even though I plan on doing quite a bit of writing in my career, I have just completed my last paper for a class.  It's an amazing feeling, I must say. I really enjoy writing, but I like to do it on my own terms and write about things that I'm interested in.  As the end of the semester is approaching, I'm happy to say that I can check this one off of the list, and now I can focus on other things.  
On another note, I'm officially in the "Building Mileage" phase of the marathon training.  It's crazy.  I know that I did this all last year, but it's amazing to know that I'm going to be running 12 miles, two days from now.  Last Saturday, I ran 9 when I was supposed to run 11. And I wonder why I'm always hungry.

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Anonymous said...

Does running make you hungry?