It hasn't quite sunken in that I'm finished with school. I'm starting full time work on Tuesday, so my plans to take a few days off to get into the studio didn't pan out like I thought it would, but I'm actually excited to just have two jobs, no school instead of two jobs and school, which is like a job and a half in itself. I'm looking forward to my free time that can now be used as time for my own projects.
Here is a screen print that I finished the last week of school:


The Final Final

I'm getting incredibly excited to be done with school. I hate to have to reference a certain Pointer Sister's song from the 70's, having never been a fan, but I can relate to them.
My website is really coming together and I'm looking forward to it's big debut. It has gone through more than a few phases, but I'm happy with what I've done to it recently; it just took a whole lot of practice and a
little tweaking of design issues. I'll be sure to list it here when it goes live!