Time. There's not enough of it...

I wish that I had more hours in the day. I'd be able to go to school and/or work, run, get into the studio, work on side projects, homework, take photos of my progress, and then write about it. I'm lucky if I get to do two of those things, but one of them is always work or school.
The curator of the last show that I was in at SomArts sent pics of the show, which you can find here. You can see my piece starting at image 15. My new project includes two 24"x30" panels and one 24"x27". It's a further exploration into this installation and because it was temporary, I'm feeling the need to re-visit it.
My problem now is that I feel like I have no time, but I'm in the process of creating a written schedule for studio time. It seems like a good plan, I'll keep an update.

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