Phase II

Thoughts on KQED's forum with Michael Krasny and Gilbert & George...
You can listen to it here from February 13th, 2008.
I've never before heard two people speak so confidently and fearlessly about themselves as if they were one person.
It's as if they share a brain. It's almost eerie that two separate entities can describe their thoughts and ideas and passions as if they were coming from the same soul. It sounds like they've spent every waking moment together since birth. They haven't been to a film since The Deer Hunter, and refuse to go to galleries, museums or theaters because they "don't want to be contaminated". If I were to call in to ask them a question, it would have to be along the lines of this: "Don't you ever get sick of each other?"

I'm incredibly intrigued and excited to see their work based on their explanation of content and unconventional materials. Some words and phrases that recurred throughout the interview were "self-exposure", "art for all", "for the women" and "heterodoxy".

Thus far, I've only gotten to see one Gilbert & George image, but I feel like I can imagine what the work is like. Well, maybe. Minus the spit and lice.

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Eternity awaits said...

Ha! I'd love to hear them answer that question. Somehow I think it's a no.