During my last semester at SFSU, I've been fortunate to be enrolled in a class that has only 8 students, meets twice a week for 3 hours, and is designed to answer questions and prepare us for professional practices in art. It may as well be a graduate seminar. In the first 3 weeks, I've acquired more valuable tools than in my many (MANY!) years of studio practice and studying art history.

Last week we were each asked to write a 500 word, first draft of our artist statement and give copies to each other. During class, each statement was allowed a good chunk of time for work shopping and feedback. This is one example of how amazing this class is. How often do you get direct, verbal feedback from 8 people? Not only did I learn valuable things about my own work, but each statement brought up questions that we could all take a little gem of knowledge from. There was such an information overload in those 6 hours that my head is still swimming. I guess that's why we have 17 weeks.