Running Marathons...

I haven't mentioned much of this part of the title of my blog, so here goes...
I've officially kicked off the training season for two marathons and one half marathon coming up this year. Which basically means that I'm going to start doing a whole lotta running and tons of cross training and eating really well (and eating a lot). I find that I'm constantly starving while I'm in this process and pretty much spend the day snacking. I also sleep really well at night, and feel incredibly motivated with personal projects. One project that is in the works involves mapping my runs from point to point to see what sort of patterns develop.

For this particular training program, I'm a pace group leader. This means that between myself and two other pacers, we keep anywhere from 15 to 35 runners on track for the long runs, which happen on Saturdays. This also means that my Friday nights are shot because I have to be all set to go at 8:00am. I work or have school 6 days a week with Saturdays being my only day off. So by the afternoon, I feel very accomplished and I can actually let myself chill out and relax a little.

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Get Rich or die painting said...

Hey Erin,

THanks for the moma link. I will have to check it out.

AS for your embroidery, you have until AFTER spring break to finish it. He extended it because he saw a lot of people having difficulties. I barely started mine and victor told me to do it differently. So I'm on the same brain picking boat as you.


CHEYO! (cambodian term for CHEERS!!!)