Artist Website III- Lisa Solomon

Lisa Solomon is another candidate for the painting department at SFSU, so I got the opportunity to see her speak about her work as well.
Lisa's website is one of those nice and clean artist's websites that is so amazingly simple, but I wonder if it's accessible to
everyone. You could very easily go to the main page and think that all that existed in the whole site was her name and a little scroll box. You almost have to look around a bit to discover that there's more to it, but maybe there's some psychology behind that idea as well. Like, a person visiting your site could somehow feel accomplished by discovering secret rooms and therefore feel a strange attachment to it.

I was excited to discover through visiting her website, th
at I own a t-shirt that she designed, a gift from Rob a few years ago. cute.

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Anonymous said...

Love that shrit. Lisa Soloman is the srhit.